classes begin!

It has been a busy week in Copenhagen.  In addition to familiarizing myself with the public transportation system and local area, I began my classes at DIS last Thursday. Though the first few days are always overwhelming, my classes are off to a good start, I am very excited about the course material I will be studying throughout the semester.

DIS is located in the Inner City (or, as I learned today in Danish class, Indre By) area of Copenhagen.  The campus is composed of a handful of academic and administrative buildings throughout a few city blocks.  Unlike my campus at home, DIS is surrounded by restaurants, shops, and bars. Though the area is heavily trafficked by DIS students, it is also occupied by other international tourists and Danes alike.  This has been an adjustment for me, as I’ve grown accustomed to a more rural campus, but being in the city center has also been so much fun!  I’ve loved eating my packed lunches in the Gammeltorv square, right in the heart of Copenhagen.

I’m taking five courses here at DIS.  So far, I think I am most excited about my core course: “Prostitution and the Sex Trade.”  Next month, I will have the opportunity to travel with this group to Sweden, and at the end of October, we will spend a week together in Amsterdam.  My professor has done a great job facilitating lively discussions in this class thus far, and I’m happy to be taking “Human Trafficking in a Global Context” with her as well.

After an intense first two days of class, it was nice to relax a bit this weekend and explore the city more.  On Friday night, my host mom had her two children–Per and Maja–over for a family dinner.  They’re both in their twenties and live elsewhere in the city.  It was so fun getting to spend time with the bigger family group, and they had great recommendations about places to visit in Copenhagen.

On Saturday, I went to Studenterhuset (the Student Union) to get ahead on some reading for class.  It’s the only place I’ve found with affordable coffee and tea in Denmark, and it has a lot of great study space.

Sunday was the highlight of the weekend, as DIS had arranged an event for my homestay network to visit the amusement park Tivoli.  Though my host mom doesn’t enjoy roller coasters, I had a blast exploring the park and riding the rides with other students in my network!


Me and my friend Zuyi at Tivoli Gardens

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