coming home to Copenhagen

My independent travel week was so incredibly fun/exciting/engaging–it was also exhausting.  Being responsible for all my own transportation, lodging, and sightseeing plans was often stressful, and adjusting to so many unfamiliar cities was more strenuous than I had anticipated.  Though I’m so glad and grateful to have had the experience, I was definitely ready to come back when the week ended.

Returning to Copenhagen really felt like coming home. After two months of living here, I’ve settled into my routines, I know my way around (more or less), and I feel totally comfortable in my homestay.

This week has made me particularly thankful for my cozy apartment and host mom. After all my travel, it was so comforting to return to a warm, homecooked meal.  Not only that, my host mom had already purchased the groceries I would need for the upcoming week of breakfastes and lunches.  After a week of so much responsibility, it was such a relief to come back and feel like someone was looking out for me.

2018-09-07 16:24:23.893 2.jpg

my homestay apartment

The weather has also offered a warm welcome back to Copenhagen.  Apparently, we are experiencing record hot temperatures for the month of October, but I’m certainly not complaining! Knowing that the days of sunlight will be disappearing soon, I’ve been trying to take advantage of the bright afternoons.  Though midterms at DIS have been keeping me busy, I’ve been reducing stress by going on walks or jogs around my neighborhood.


the park near my apartment

I’m sad to be missing the beauty of fall in Ohio, but I have to say, fall in Denmark is looking pretty good!  As an added bonus, the park near my apartment has its own mini-horse.  Oh, and the trails literally look like something out of a fairy tale.



This week has made me so appreciative of the beauty of this city and how comfortable I have begun to feel here.  I can hardly believe that my semester here is already halfway over, but I’m trying to take a glass-half-full approach.  I’m looking forward to two more months of adventures here in Copenhagen (my new home).

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