czeching it out

Over the weekend, I visited two of my high school friends who are also studying abroad this semester. Oddly enough, I think I’ve spent more time with my friends from high school this semester than I have since starting college.  Many of my Harpeth Hall classmates are currently studying abroad in Europe, and it’s been so fun getting to catch up with them–some of whom I haven’t seen since graduation!

Two of my close friends from high school, Dasha and Carrie, are spending their semester in Prague. Carrie is studying communication and journalism, and Dasha is doing an intensive film program. Visiting the two of them in the city where they have been studying for the past three months was the best–I got two built-in tour guides!

Together, we explored some of the famous landmarks of the city.  In a whirlwind day and a half tour, I got to see the iconic John Lennon Wall, the Prague Castle, and the Charles Bridge.


the view from the Prague Castle

The city itself was gorgeous–and the prices were even better! Unlike Copenhagen (which rivals NYC for being outrageously expensive), food and drinks in Prague were so cheap.  I wandered around the grocery store there in total awe.


beautiful Prague

Though the attractions were beautiful (and the food delicious), my favorite part of this weekend trip was spending time with old friends. After being in Copenhagen for the past three months, I was beginning to feel a little homesick. However, spending my weekend in the company of my lifelong friends was the perfect remedy!


enjoying the John Lennon Wall with Dasha

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